• Allow your participants to host their own private "Start Now Links"

In case you'd be interested in enabling the possibility of having participants hosting your designed conversation with different groups or communities of their choosing in a private manner (without having to cross paths with other participants), you can simply make use of the "Start Now Link" with a minor alteration.

The "Start Now Link" is a readily available link for any participant to go through your conversation design publically. Here's an example: https://app.voicevoice.com/start/digital-marketing-event.. If multiple people use that link at the same time they'll experience the conversation together. However, if you'd like to give out private "Start Now Links" to two different communities (your friends and your family, for example) you'd have to rely on what we call an "interest" field.

Two examples of interest-based "Start Now Links" could be the following: https://app.voicevoice.com/start/digital-marketing-event?interest=Friends and https://app.voicevoice.com/start/digital-marketing-event?interest=Family in case you'd like to provide private conversation rooms with the same design for each group.

Under that notion, the idea of sharing a link similar to https://app.voicevoice.com/start/digital-marketing-event?interest=(yourcommunitynamehere) for participants to customize their private rooms is definitely possible.

You can find your conversation's "Start Now Link" on your conversation's top panel "Important Links" menu.

  • Allow your participants to host their own registration-based sessions

In case you'd be interested in enabling private registration-based events for your participants to hold a conversation that uses your design on communities and groups of their own while also receiving confirmation emails, reminder emails and unique login links, you'd simply have to share your conversation's "Host Your Own Time Link" found on your conversation's "Important Links" menu on the top panel. That way, your participants would be able to schedule sessions on their own and invite whoever they'd like.

This option is available at all times for any participant looking to register for an event by simply clicking on the "Learn More" option found on said conversation's registration page.