• Schedule times on your conversation's calendar and let your participants gather on one of the available events

If you're interested in having a registration-based event for which people would receive a registration confirmation email, email reminders and a unique login link, the best direction is to schedule some times for your conversation to take place and then sharing your conversation's registration link with your participants so that they select the session that works best for them.

To schedule dates for your participants to enroll you simply have to select the "Scheduled Times" option on your conversation's top menu. Once the sessions have been added, select the "Important Links" menu right next to the "Scheduled Times" in order to find the registration link that you'd share with your participants.

  • Provide a permanently open link for all potential participants to join

In case you'd be interested in skipping the registration route and have a readily available link that allows all potential attendees to enter your conversation design at any given time, the option to use is the "Start Now Link". This option is typically used by conversation designers with the purpose of the testing of a conversation's flow and design. However, there's virtually no difference from the attendee's perspective in terms of the conversation design experience found with this option and the scheduled times one. The only disadavantage with this route is that its permanently open nature can provide confusion for attendees that get into the conversation at different times expecting to find other people to connect with.

In order to use this option, all you'd have to do is select the "Important Links" option found on the top panel and then share the "Start Now Link" with your participants.

  • Provide a permanently open link for a specific community

Similar to the second option mentioned above, this option makes use of the "Start Now Link" although it allows an added level of privacy.

In case you'd like to provide private links for multiple communities with the intent of having them go through the conversation without crossing paths and also without the use of a registration route. There's a possibility to attain that using an "interest" field.

For example, if I created a conversation called "Annual Community Building Event" and I chose its start link to be: https://app.voicevoice.com/start/annual-meeting, let's assume that I'd like the Finance, Sales and HR teams to go through the conversation separately. I can manually add interests into the "Start Now Link" without affecting the conversation's design or flow. Here are three examples of separate links to be sent to each community:

  1. https://app.voicevoice.com/start/annual-meeting?interest=Finance
  2. https://app.voicevoice.com/start/annual-meeting?interest=Sales
  3. https://app.voicevoice.com/start/annual-meeting?interest=HR 

All separate links for different communities, using the same conversation design.