There are 4 page types used to show different types of content, you can create any number of pages in a conversation.

  • Video Pages: used to show a pre-recorded video, video pages have two “modes” 1) when viewing a video, the participant webcams appear smaller and all mics are muted to prevent echo, and 2) when the video finishes, the page automatically transitions to a “breakout” layout, with bigger webcams and all mics unmuted so participants can discuss the video.
  • Embed Pages: used to embed any type of html content such as documents, presentation slides, etc.
  • Breakout Pages: on these pages the main focus are the participant webcams—this is where the actual conversation happens.
  • Screen Share: used to let participants share their screen with the group - it requires some advanced configuration so we recommend to contact support to help you set up this page type.

Setting location: New Page & Edit Page