Use voting buttons to create a quick poll and send the group to different pages based on the outcome.

First you need to create two results pages: one that will be shown to the group when all votes are positive, and another when the votes are mixed (positive and negative). Then follow the steps below to create the voting buttons:

  1. In the conversation designer click More at the top, then Advanced Settings.
  2. Click New Page and enter the voting/poll question on Main Text.
  3. Check Separate into Individual Navigation Mode. This will let participants vote individually rather than as a group.
  4. Click Create Page.
  5. Click on the newly created page then click New Button.
  6. Enter a button label for the positive vote, e.g. "Yes".
  7. In Individual Navigation Settings choose Voting Button, and in Answer select "Positive". Click Create Button.
  8. Do the same for the negative button, choosing "Negative" in Answer.

When all participants have voted, the group will be automatically redirected to one of the two results pages.

Setting location: Conversation > Page > New Button