Select “Separate Into Individual Navigation Mode” to make participants view and interact with the page as individuals rather than as a group. e.g.: when you want each participant to fill a signup form individually.

In individual mode, each participants sees a “private to you” message around the elements of a page, to let him/her know that any actions on the page will apply to them individually.


After participants finish their actions (e.g. filling up a signup form) they need to be put back together in a group to continue the conversation. There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Make the next page as a “regular” group page - i.e. with the “Separate Into Individual Navigation Mode” option unchecked.


2. Having them click the special Regroup Link that automatically sends them to the Regroup Page. e.g. on a signup form make the submit button redirect to the special Regroup Link, this will make the participant re-join the group by sending him/her to the Regroup Page.

Setting location: New Page & Edit Page