VoiceVoice is a conversation platform where people can have a deep guided conversation about any topic, without the need of a live facilitator. The platform guides the conversation by showing pre-recorded content to the participants, which join a live video-chat meeting—usually in small groups of up to 6—and watch the content together.


We use the term "conversation" to refer to a collection of pages used to display content to a group of participants or "the group". The group moves through the pages of a conversation by using navigation buttons.


There are 3 main page types used to show different types of content, you can create any number of pages in a conversation.

  • Video Pages: used to show a pre-recorded video, uploaded by the conversation designer (you).
  • Embed Pages: used to embed any type of html content such as documents, presentation slides, etc.
  • Breakout Pages: on these pages the main focus are the participant webcams—this is where the actual conversation happens.

Pages have 3 main areas:

  1. The content (in green) - where content (videos, slides, etc.) is displayed to the group.
  2. The webcams (in blue) - participants can see and talk to each other at all times, except on Video pages, where the webcam audio is muted to prevent feedback echo while a video is playing. Participants can pause the video at any moment to briefly discuss a point, and then resume playback.
  3. The navigation buttons (in red) - used by the group to navigate through the pages of a conversation.

The 3 main areas of a page

Onramp pages

An onramp is the first page a participant sees upon arriving, and is used to show some welcome material and explain the ground rules of the conversation. Participants view onramp pages by themselves, not as a group.

Attending vs previewing conversations

To attend a conversation, participants must first register to scheduled events created by you by going to app.voicevoice.com/register/[conversation URL keyword].

As the conversation designer you can preview a conversation at any time without having to register to it by going to app.voicevoice.com/start/[conversation URL keyword].

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